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  • So You Wanna Be A Witch is now The Holistic Business Podcast
    SO YOU WANNA BE A WITCH is now the HOLISTIC BUSINESS PODCAST💥 Welcome to the Holistic Business Podcast, where healers, makers, mystics, and other weirdos who don’t quite fit the mold learn how to grow businesses that sustain them AND their communities without working all the damn time or feeling like they’re selling out. Your […]
  • Episode 197: From Vulnerable to Spiritual with Alex Naranjo and Marlene Vargas
    Where has your intuition led you? Maybe you felt a tingle on the back of your head when you met your partner for the first time. Maybe you had a sudden urge to pick up an orange when you were at the store for soap. Or maybe you have a fine tuned relationship with your […]
  • Episode 196: 2021 Year in Review
    How was your year? With 2022 fast approaching, this is the perfect time to step back and give your 2021 business year a quick assessment.  This doesn’t have to be about numbers, though y’all know how much I love numbers!  This can be a qualitative assessment, a short list, or even just a quick reflection.  […]
  • Episode 195: Tarot Excavation with Rashunda Tramble
    Are you paying attention? Seriously, do you know what’s coming next for the platforms you use to market your business, the places your information lives?  What would you do if Instagram disappeared tomorrow? Would you lose your entire audience? If your connection with your audience is relying entirely on an external platform, then you need […]
  • Episode 194: Behind the Scenes Membership Launch
    What does your launch week look like? Are you frantic, stressed, and anxious? Are you staring at your screen and analyzing the numbers? We recently launched our membership program, the Holistic Business Academy, for the third time this year. And y’all, I spent most of the week at the gym and taking long walks with […]

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