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The top-rated podcast teaching healers, makers, mystics, and other entrepreneurial weirdos who don’t quite fit the mold how to grow businesses that sustain them and their communities.

"I just completed my 3rd product launch. The course sold out with 12 days to spare. My earnings are projected to increase by 65% but I am most proud of the following:

1. I built a program that is sustainable, scalable, and heartfelt.
2. I was able to pay 23 Breathwork facilitators, energy workers, experts, craft makers and workbook creators for their time skills and materials.
3. I took some power back, and I am helping to make a community that I love a better place."
Chauna Bryant
Founder, Breath Liberation Society

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About Sarah

👋 I’m Sarah M. Chappell, writer, strategist, and stay-at-home dog mom. I have over fifteen years of sales, marketing, and communications experience, and am the founder and CEO of a community-driven online education platform.

At Holistic Business Academy, my online memberships, cohort-based courses, and group coaching programs have supported over 1,000 small businesses and solopreneurs, giving me a unique opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of what’s working—and what’s not—in the online business marketplace. 

As an online education consultant, I help companies to reconcile their revenue goals with the needs of their students, ensuring that their products are creating massive value for customers while maintaining scalability. I am a student of radical pedagogy, and prioritize student agency in curriculum design.

As a coach, I support founders who are gifted (or were “gifted kids”), intense, and unsure of how to integrate their far-flung curiosity into their companies. My clients have brilliant visions but struggle with the detritus of procrastination and perfectionism, being misunderstood and bullied, and feeling like no one else gets it.

I get it.

My writing focuses on deconstructing business in pursuit of a model that is more sustainable both individually and collectively. I’m particularly curious to develop what—if any—role businesses can play as we attempt to have a good, engaging, and generous life in the face of collapse. I believe we need both theory and praxis, and seek to merge higher level philosophy with actual, you know, doing things. Currently, I’m researching how labor alienation impacts knowledge work entrepreneurs, and am interested in degrowth, productivity culture, how historical religion impacts business today, and the future of online education.

In addition to my start-up and corporate experience, I am a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and New York University, I’ve studied trance spiritwork with Ren Zatopek of Ren+Spiritwork and gifted psychology with Jennifer Harvey Sallin at Intergifted, and my work has been featured in Every, The Washington Post, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others.

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