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"I just completed my 3rd product launch. The course sold out with 12 days to spare. My earnings are projected to increase by 65% but I am most proud of the following:

1. I built a program that is sustainable, scalable, and heartfelt.
2. I was able to pay 23 Breathwork facilitators, energy workers, experts, craft makers and workbook creators for their time skills and materials.
3. I took some power back, and I am helping to make a community that I love a better place."
Chauna Bryant
Founder, Breath Liberation Society

About Sarah

đź‘‹ I’m Sarah M. Chappell, a writer, strategist, and coach.

I help visionaries, creators, and founders to build the future of knowledge work through product development, communications strategy, online education consulting, and coaching.

I have over fifteen years of sales, marketing, and communications experience, and founded a community-driven online education platform. My online memberships, cohort-based courses, and group coaching programs supported over 1,000 small businesses and solopreneurs, giving me a unique opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of what’s working—and what’s not—in online knowledge businesses. 

In addition to my start-up and corporate experience, I am a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and New York University. My work has been featured in Every, The Washington Post, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan, amongst others. I have collaborated with numerous companies and events including MemberSpace, Founder Summit, SHIFT, East Fork Pottery, Sunlight Tax, and more.

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Learn more about custom consulting and coaching for visionaries and founders building the future of knowledge work and online education.

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