Burn It Down

Last October, I unceremoniously stopped podcasting and started the process of closing my most successful online product, the Holistic Business Academy membership. Despite consistent revenue and a proven offer, I was bored and unable to hire myself out of the work that I could no longer tolerate.

Did I feel ungrateful? Yes. Did I feel like a failure? A bit.

But closing my membership was the best way for me to act with integrity in my business, and hopefully find some way forward with my work.

This episode marks the first of the new podcast iteration, The Think Piece Podcast. My experiences with alienation, burnout, and boredom have made me evermore curious about the nature of online, knowledge-driven work, and I have shifted my business to focus on what most excites me.

In this episode, I trace the process of realizing that HBA was done, coming to terms with the mistakes I had made, and the steps I’m taking now to build a new product that delights both me and my customers. Along the way I discuss ambition, post-Covid symptoms, and bouldering.

Tune in to learn what happened, what’s next, and why knowledge-driven business in particular is challenging to maintain longterm.

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