Choosing the Right Education Model

Confused about which online education model is actually going to lead to good results for both you and your client?

Maybe you’ve set up a self-study course that you’re excited about, but few of your students are actually completing it. Or maybe you sold a traditional live online course in the past, with lifetime access to material for the customers, but that’s now proving to be a lot of unanticipated and unpaid work to maintain and update for former students.

If you’re struggling with problems like these, it’s likely that you’re using the wrong online education model for the offer that you’re making. The right model makes a huge difference for effective client results, and the wrong model can lead to low sales and unsuccessful outcomes—ouch.

But both of these can be remedied with careful thought about what transformation your offer is providing, and choosing the best educational model to deliver that transformation.

In the latest episode of The Holistic Business Podcast, business coach and strategist Sarah M. Chappell guides you through key questions that will help you choose the right online education model for your business.

Should you have a time-bound program like a live cohort course or group coaching program? An ongoing, subscription-based membership? Or maybe a self-study course with a digital e-book? Listen to the episode to find out, so you can finally sell your offer, teach effectively, and help your customers achieve their goals.


4:26—Why the outcome of your offer is so critical
4:54—The first question to ask yourself about your offer
5:45—What you need to know before making a digital download
6:37—The biggest sign that you should have a membership model
9:35—The problem with self-study courses
16:15—Breaking out of assumptions about what a membership is


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