Electional Astrology for Business Planning with ZamboniFunk

How do you choose the best day to launch?

Maybe you look at your personal and business calendars, take into consideration the number of days you’ll need to promote, and schedule a launch date that works best for you.

Perhaps you pull a few tarot cards to see the energies headed your way and when you can launch to best harness any lucrative vibes.

This week’s podcast guest, ZamboniFunk, is letting us in on a great launch planning tool: electional astrology, or using astrology to choose auspicious timing.

ZamboniFunk is a professional weirdo. When he isn’t playing bootylicious funk music on the bass, he tells stories about the ongoing dramas of the heavens, with the basic understanding that whatever happens up there happens down here too; as above, so below. Timing is his specialty.

Drawing on his electional astrology practice, Zamboni shares the importance of the “green light” days, that are ideal for launching, and the “red light” days, that may be best used for a long nap. And while the stars and moon have a lot to say about divine timing, Zamboni is also a big believer in personal sovereignty, and wants us to balance both. 

If you use electional astrology to select the best time for your launch, what happens when your gut tells you otherwise? How do you listen to the stars and use divination while also tapping into your personal sovereignty? What if everything in the stars is saying no, but your heart is saying yes?

Tune in to this week’s podcast episode so you can plan your next perfectly timed launch while listening to the stars and maintaining your personal agency. 







8:50 — Timing Your Launches and Rest Periods

23:15 — The Tension Between Agency and Divination

33:30 — Personal Sovereignty

43:40 — How Can We Reclaim Personal Agency?

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