Find Your Hustle

Hustle? Find it? Like it’s a good thing?

If you read that title and wondered if you’re on the wrong podcast feed, I get it. I’ve spent years decrying the hustle, and trying to help founders and creatives break out of that mode to create a more holistic approach to business.

But sometimes, we just have to do the thing. Sometimes, we just need to get paid. Sometimes, we have to hustle.

As a business grows, we naturally shift our sights to longterm sustainability. But that often comes as a cost: we lose agility and innovation. It can be easy to stagnate, and the fear of hustling can actually be the thing that keeps your business from growth.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to activate your hustle when you need it so you can tap into the hunger that drove your initial success.

Short-term thinking isn’t always a bad thing, and can be exactly what you need to reach your next goal.

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