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What is Tarot?

Tarot is a beautiful tool that helps to reveal where we are stuck and what opportunities for growth are available. We are not divining the future, but rather shining a light where we most need clarity and offering a path to healing. In a tarot reading, I channel responses to your inquiries from the universe through the lens of the cards. A reading with me is not fortune telling, but an opportunity to receive counsel to clarify the medicine in your current situation. This can open the door to deep healing of past and present blockages, and to perceive what energies you may be invited to work with as you move forward. In readings, I speak in terms of energies and opportunities, rather than specific people or places. This language frees you to interact fully with your life and transform it to align with your desires and calling.

What are Flower and Stone Essences?

Essences are the energetic imprint of a plant or stone in water, preserved by vinegar. These are subtle yet powerful ways to shift energies, remove blockages, and release old patterns. They are odorless and taste only of the vinegar used to preserve them, and are safe for children and pets. Essences can be used acutely in crisis but offer their most potent medicine when used over time with intention. Essences are the best tool I have encountered to shift patterns and limited beliefs. Learn more about essences here.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force, and it shoots out of my hands like invisible magic light! But seriously, Reiki is a beautiful healing method that allows me to gently direct nourishing energy through both the physical body and the wider self. Sessions are deeply relaxing and allow a soothing space for healing work to begin.

I can't find an appointment that works for me. Do you have other availability?

Maybe! I have regular hours every week, but if you are in need of care and cannot make an appointment during that time, contact me.

Do remote sessions really work?

Yes! Energy flows freely in this universe, and a remote session is just as effective as one in-person. I have many clients who prefer remote sessions because it is easier to let down their guard and speak freely over the phone or in an email.

Are you available for events?

Yes! I love reading tarot and offering essences at both private and public events. Please contact me directly for a quote.

How can I learn to read tarot and make essences?

I offer classes regularly and would be honored to share my tools with you. Check out my events page to find a workshop. If you're interested in hosting a workshop, or would like more information about private tarot and essence classes, please contact me. If you are ready to dive deep and learn these tools in the context of your own healing path, I invite you to inquire about the next open enrollment period for The Shift Sessions, my three month intuitive counseling and training program.