Grumpisode with Yarrow Magdalena

Welcome to the Grumpisode! That’s right, my friends – this week is all about allowing ourselves to be grumpy sometimes because owning a business is hard and catharsis is healing. I’m joined today by a dear friend and brilliant soul-centered entrepreneur, Yarrow Magdalena. Yarrow and I have been internet buds for a while, and it was such a blast to grump it out together.

We dive into all sorts of things that make us grumpy:

  • Being sick when you’re the only person in your business
  • Having to constantly try to outsmart social media algorithms
  • Wanting the security of owning a home
  • Trying and failing to not work all the time
  • Being multifaceted, multitude-containing humans who can grump and be grateful at the same time
  • and more!

Yarrow Magdalena is a tarot reader and ritual maker who helps soft folks reclaim embodiment, intuition, a connection to nature and everyday magic through the Daydreaming Wolves project. Their practices around folk herbalism, journaling, tarot, movement and creative expression are trauma sensitive, queer and body positive and as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Yarrow also runs a web design + tech studio called Yarrow Digital which supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms made to hold big dreams and beautiful communities. They specialize in custom made WordPress sites as well as easy to understand tech support and run a low cost DIY business training.

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Connect with Yarrow Magdalena:
Daydreaming Wolves
Yarrow Digital

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