Holistic Project Management

How do you want to run your business? On fear, exploitation, and the assumption that you and your employees are incompetent? Or on open communication, shared accountability, and ease?

In this episode on the holistic business approach to project management, business strategist and coach Sarah M. Chappell breaks down how the early 20th century roots of project management as a system that fundamentally disrespects and distrusts workers still impacts the way businesses typically operate today.

Then, she explains how the holistic business model departs from this history and uses project management in a radically different way: as a tool for cultivating ease and clear communication, and reducing cognitive load so you have more time for creativity, work-life balance, and rest.

Project management doesn’t have to be about surveilling yourself and your employees to maximize productivity. If implemented with a focus on ease rather than punishment, project management has the potential to help you structure a work environment that is calm, respectful, and communicative while reducing the amount of work your brain has to do on a daily basis AND making sure you get all your shit done.

Curious how you can apply this approach to your own business? Tune in and find out how you can question your systems, explore their assumptions, and then, of course, take action.


Scientific Management on Wikipedia
A history of project management models: From pre-models to the standard models by Gilles Garel


2:55—A quick history of project management, and why it’s problematic
14:38—The fundamental key to holistic project management
15:32—Three ways project management can make your life easier
18:55—How to use project management to reduce cognitive load
26:40—The link between project management and good communication

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