Introducing Think Piece

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👋 Sarah here.

I am officially entering my thinkboi phase and launching a newsletter: Think Piece. Think Piece seeks to deconstruct business in pursuit of a model that is more sustainable both individually and collectively than our current winner-takes-all extractive paradigm. I’m particularly curious to develop what—if any—role businesses can play as we attempt to have a good, engaging, and generous life in the face of collapse. I believe we need both theory and praxis, and seek to merge higher level philosophy with actual, you know, doing things.

Currently, I’m researching how labor alienation impacts knowledge work entrepreneurs, and am interested in degrowth, the negative implications of longtermism, productivity culture, how historical religion influences modern business, and the future of online education. These topics and more will show up in Think Piece soon.

If you’ve enjoyed my longer essays at Every on The Theology of Productivity and Teaching That Sells, then Think Piece is for you.

Right now, Think Piece is free, and will be released monthly to start. But I may create a paid tier in the future.

If you want Think Piece direct to your inbox, you can subscribe here:

(And yes, this newsletter title is an Almost Famous reference as much as anything else. It's all happening.)

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