Intuitive Tarot Counseling

Channeled medicine to help you heal yourself
$95 for 60 minute session
in-person or via phone/Skype

Is everything just kind of fucked up?

Are the next steps in your life unclear, and you're unable to even lift your foot in the right direction?

Are you searching for ways to engage fully with yourself, but feel bogged down and unable to connect to your intuition? 

Do you feel called to something greater, but are unsure of how to find your purpose?

Does your life look practically perfect, and yet you feel more lost than ever?

If you're ready to shift out of these questions and reclaim the power that is your birthright, Intuitive Counseling is a therapeutic offering drawing the clarity of the tarot to help you find your way forward.


"I've been amazed by Sarah's ability to intuit deep emotional and behavioral patterns that have kept me stuck and to help me unstick them. In these readings, I've felt like I've gained a new level of responsibility for my own behavior and can understand myself and my actions more clearly. Thus I have choices. Sarah's compassionate and good-humored approach has made me feel really held to receive this information. Her emotional intelligence is unparalleled and rare. Not the least, Sarah is funny, down to earth, and a true joy to be around. If you're in need of compassionate clarity to help you understand "what's going on" and how to work through it so you can live from a perspective of self-love, Sarah is an expert. - Elyssa Jakim

In a 60 minute one-on-one session, you will be invited to thoroughly examine your path and be offered compassionate medicine to assist in unraveling the threads of your story. We will use the tarot to shift your fears out of the driver's seat, so you can step fully into the present moment and begin to heal yourself.

The session will be specific to your needs and goals, and may address your physical, emotional, and spiritual states with suggestions for further action, herbal and energetic remedies, and more. You will be asked to be honest and willing to see the truth of your situation so that we can weave the past and present together to create a future you love. We will laugh, probably curse, and speak frankly about the choices that frame your journey. After our session you will be centered, secure, and ready to move forward with the full support of the universe. 

Offered via phone/Skype, or at my Asheville home (address provided upon booking). House calls available upon request for an additional fee. $95 for a 60-minute session. Tips are appreciated but certainly not required, and are a way for those with more resources to defray the cost of sliding scale sessions for others.

Limited sliding scale sessions are available each month for folks experiencing financial hardship. Please contact me here if the cost of this session is prohibitive and you feel called to work with me. 

Gift certificates available here.

Schedule your session using the calendar below. Select your time zone, and then a date for our time together.


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N.B. I am not a doctor, a therapist, or a licensed professional anything. I am a sober human who has studied tarot and herbalism, has a useless degree in French and Molecular Cell Biology, and has talked with a lot of folks about their lives and dreams and fears. Readings are for entertainment purposes only, and if you are in need of medical or psychiatric care I will refer you to those modalities.