Lessons From Three Years Of HBA

Are you afraid of change?

Did your first iteration of an offer sell so well that you haven’t had a reason to fix it?

Are there shifts you’d like to make to the offer, but you’re worried if you do it will rock that boat of success you’ve built?

When an offer is successful, making changes to it can be scary.

But not making changes can be even scarier.

Online business trends are constantly changing. As an online business owner, being aware of these shifts is critical. You don’t have to jump on every trend train, but if you want to maintain your share of the market, you also shouldn’t ignore them.

As Team HBA celebrates the third anniversary of the Holistic Business Academy, we’re considering the changes we have and haven’t made. The past three years have been a challenging and rewarding experience for HBA founder and business coach Sarah M. Chappell, and she’s learned a lot. In this episode, she’s sharing her top three business lessons so you can learn from her mistakes.

Save yourself some frustration and tune in so you can learn from these lessons and make the changes that will create the opportunity for momentum in your business.


00:30—Three years of HBA
2:20—If it ain’t broke, you can still fix it
4:50—Coaching isn’t therapy
7:50—Your pricing is a communication


HBP Episode 209: Small Business Degrowth

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