Liza Fenster

I remember the first time I met Liza Fenster. We were at an event and she swiftly crossed the room to talk to me, saying that we had some interests in common (namely sobriety and tarot) and should connect. The vim and vigor with which she approached me has become a core part of how I think about Liza; she is full of energy and forward momentum, embracing the tough lessons of her life and swiftly transforming them into ways to help her community. In this episode, Liza shares her story and path. We discuss time spent in ditches and time spent in service, what it’s like to be a new mom after 30 hours in drug-free labor, and how spirit keeps offering us the invitation to follow our path even if we ignore it the first few (or fifty!) times.

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Connect with Liza Fenster:

Liza mentioned our mutual teacher and mentor (and future podcast guest) Lindsay Mack who you can find here.

I shared some insight from my business coach, Sarajane Case.


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