Milla Prince

Milla Prince of The Woman Who Married A Bear and Fireweed & Nettle Herbals is the witch of my dreams. She’s a fiercely smart and hilarious folk herbalist, activist, and writer who single-handedly changed my life. To be clear, I’ve met only Milla once. But once was enough. Her passion charges through her work and the vulnerability she shares with us as she navigates the joys and struggles of running a business while trying to save the world.

In this episode we talk about how Milla made me cry, cultural appropriation and the longing of the landless, business plans and the lack thereof, burnout, and salt. Milla speaks honestly about the sticky bits of product-based businesses, alternative economies, and the medicine that she is offering to this world.

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Connect with Milla:

Milla mentioned Bill McKibbin and his book The End of Nature.

She references previous So You Wanna Be A Witch episodes with Amber Magnolia Hill and Asia Suler, as well as my rambling soliloquy. 

Milla and I met at Spirit Weavers in 2016, where she teaches.

Milla shared the work of her friend Ayana Young, who is the founder of the For The Wild non-profit and podcast.

Mugs are the most important thing in this world. Phoebe Wahl designs beautiful enamel mugs that are featured heavily on Milla’s Instagram. #muglife

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