Natha Perkins Campanella

This week we’re chatting astrology! Natha Perkins Campanella is an intuitive counselor and astrologer, and joins the show to share how we can look to our astrological chart to help understand ourselves as business owners.

In this episode, Natha tells you where to look in your chart to learn about your business acumen, and uses me as an example (all of you astrology stalker folk who just love hearing about other people’s charts will enjoy this). Natha also explains some critical transits, and helps your astrology-ignorant host understand how the stars can clarify our gifts and challenges in our business and creative lives.

We also talk about her path to astrology (it was a winding road!) and how she works with people today. There’s some mild ranting about rude comments on Instagram, and a lot of vulnerability around what it takes to grow a business.

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