November Business Energy Reading

November is upon us and we are being invited to once again check in with where we are in our businesses, what we are prioritizing, and how we are caring – or not caring – for ourselves. The past few months have been part of a huge Death moment, the cards calling us out on how we spend our time and money, and whether or not our goals are in alignment with the life we desire. Every level of inquiry is exposing old patterns and beliefs that limit our potential, and in November we get a crash course in how being alignment does not mean that our work will be easy.

In this energy reading, we discuss how to make choices, which responsibilities we want to prioritize, differentiating between revenue-generating activities and other projects, and re-centering on the forward path. There is a call to generosity and service, while pouring our resources into the vision we’re holding for the business to pull us through the end of the year.

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