October Business Energy Reading

It’s October! BEST MONTH. This Libra is biased, but October is a powerful month for letting go of old stories and connecting into our deeper truths. The liminality of fall dredges up all kinds of crap for us to sort through, review, and release.

As business owners and creative folk, that means money. Specifically fear of not having it, and how that fear drives us to make decisions in our businesses that are not necessarily in alignment with our vision.

October’s Business Energy Reading is all about approaching that fear and finding ways to work through it. Are we really broke, or just afraid of it? If we are, can we move through any shame to ask for help? And what does help look like in a month when we are invited to face the deepest fear of most business owners: failure?

It’s not all doom and gloom I assure you, but October is a big ask for us to step the fuck up. If September was about doing the work, October asks us to make sure that work is what we’re meant to be doing.

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