Pitching Corporate with Anna Toonk

Spiritual worker and teacher Anna Toonk is back on the show! Anna is well-known for her extensive work with corporate clients, and she joins the podcast this episode to share her advice on pitching corporate and getting that sweet big company cash.

Anna shares how to be more approachable to non-woo clients, the importance of offerings that fit the needs of corporate events, and the need to release your ego and let the company be the star.

We get into the nitty gritty (like making sure you get paid!) and some mindset shifts that will prep you for pitching your dream company (remember that they NEED what you offer). Anna talks about being professional, demonstrating your competency, and the critical step of toughening your skin.

Don’t miss this dive into pitching your offerings to corporate clients, and make sure to check out Anna’s first visit to the podcast here.

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