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  • Episode 187: Quick Coaching with Sarah. Failed Launches, Rebranding, Competition
    Failure is a gift. When you “fail” at something in your business it is an opportunity to learn, to reflect, to address gaps and make changes. Without failure you miss out on an opportunity to grow. In this Quick Coaching episode, we are talking about what to do when your launch doesn’t go as planned […]
  • Episode 186: Take a Break
    When was the last time you took a break? No, really, I want to know. When was the last time you stepped away from your work? Read a book? Took a nap? Spent an entire afternoon binge watching your favorite show?  When you are running your own business, you feel like nothing will get done […]
  • Episode 185: Quick Coaching with Sarah. Transitioning from Sliding Scale to Flat Rate Pricing
    Does change have to mean loss? Anytime you change anything in your business, you are bound to lose customers. Read that again. Then take a deep breath, because it’s okay.  Change is good. Especially when these changes are helping you to align your business with your goals.  This week on Quick Coaching with Sarah, we […]
  • Episode 184: Are You a Scammer?
    Are you ripping people off? Many of the people I work with have a huge fear of being a scammer. Being a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s common to have a heightened awareness of ethics that can lead you to regularly questioning yourself, undervaluing yourself, and worrying that you’re taking advantage of people. You spend your time […]
  • Episode 183: Quick Coaching with Sarah. Membership Growth, Second Launches, and Free Content Boundaries
    Great ideas don’t make sales. So how do you take a great idea and transform it into something you can teach and your customers want to buy? In today’s quick coaching episode, we’re talking about how to turn an idea into something teachable, growing your membership, launching for the second time, and so much more.  […]

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