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Make magic and money by merging strategy and intuition so you can support yourself and help more people

programs & courses

Make magic and money by merging strategy and intuition so you can support yourself and help more people

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holistic business academy

The online community for spiritual entrepreneurs ready to attract $5k+ months so they can support themselves and give back to their communities without working crazy hours or feeling like they’re selling out.

Registration is open through November 30th! This is the last opportunity to join at the current rate, and the price will increase in 2021.

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launch incubator

Design a launch style that fits your lifestyle so you can make more money and help more people WITHOUT slimy bro marketing tactics and burnout.

The Launch Incubator is a three-month group program that will take you from idea to launch in 90 days. Identify and attract your ideal clients, craft an irresistible offer that they are thrilled to invest in, and then launch the thing, bringing you the income and creating the impact you’re meant for!

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when registration opens. Next cohort starts in Winter 2021.

"Before this program, launching felt super confusing and kind of impossible. Sarah's approach with her step-by-step framework and her mindset coaching was so incredibly do-able that I plan to always use this process with every new launch I create. She has tons of business knowledge, and is that sort of tough love coach that knows what to say in order for you to come to that feeling of trust within yourself. I never knew I could love my business this much. Such a game changer."
eliza ceci
"With the encouragement of Sarah and the other folks in my incubator group, I managed to increase my Instagram following by 22%, my Twitter following by 125%, my newsletter list by 210%, and my number of unique monthly website visitors increased 237%. My launch itself was vastly more successful than I anticipated...I received over three times as many applications as I had open spots, and my waitlist is already four times larger than I will likely have space for when I reopen this offering in the summer."
diana rose


craft your biz

In partnership with traditional witchcraft and spiritwork teacher Ren Zatopek, Sarah offers a yearlong mentorship in growing a magical business. This program is for folks looking to deepen their knowledge of spellcraft and to ground that into reality by exploring magic in relationship to their business.

A magical business is a vehicle for initiation. You will discover new parts and powers and whole landscapes of feeling and insight within yourself, within the places where you work, and within your deep memory of the magical folks who came before us. You will be asked to dig into your depths, your shadows, your limiting beliefs, and doing a hardcore Korean-spa scrub level cleansing of all the bullshit dogma you’ve picked up over the years.

And yes, we’re all gonna make more money and help more people, too.

The journey begins Summer 2021. Join the waitlist now!

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