2018 Year Ahead Tarot Reading

2018 Year Ahead Tarot Reading


Due to the in-depth nature of this offering, Year Ahead Readings are limited and must be reserved by December 15th. Your reading will be delivered to your inbox by December 30th, 2017. If this is a gift, please enter the recipient's information on the next page, and check your inbox within 24 hours for a gift certificate that you can print or send to them. 

Start off 2018 with the insight and support to thrive! The Year Ahead Reading is an exhaustive multimedia experience using multiple decks in a 36 card spread, crystals, and intuitive channeling to create a roadmap for the new year. Tarot allows us to see ourselves clearly and to have a conversation with the universe about what actions are in our highest and best.

The Year Ahead Reading uses the tools of the Tarot to open up 2018 and invite you into an understanding of the year's energies and opportunities.

Your reading includes a detailed discussion of the energy, release work, and action for each month of 2018 in a voice recording of Sarah's intuitive interpretation of the cards, as well as a written summary of each month's focus with pictures of your cards and tools for further action. Flower + Stone essences, physical and spiritual activities, and more may be suggested to create an actionable support system throughout the year.

The Year Ahead Reading is a document and recording for you to use! Sarah encourages you to refer to it throughout 2018 and let the support and guidance of the universe lead you to your path in this new year. 

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What people are saying about the Year Ahead reading:

"I purchased the Year Ahead reading from Sarah last year and it was completely worth it.  I bought it as a treat for myself, not realizing how incredibly useful it would prove to be!  Sarah's year ahead reading helped me in so many ways and was utterly on point. I will definitely be purchasing a reading for 2018 and can't recommend one highly enough!  I'm so glad Sarah's wisdom and medicine were my companions over this past year!"

"I loved that the reading was broken down monthly into the month's energy, release work, and action. last February the energy was Wild Boar, asking me to confront situations requiring action with directness and courage and this helped me work with divine timing to finally end a relationship that was no longer working.  I love having the PDF to refer to and have saved it on all my devices.  And I also liked having each month's "weather" mapped out for me -- looking back on 2017 it has been perhaps the most challenging and also the fullest of my life, and in part it felt so full because I was able to really inhabit the shifting energy month to month, the way you can enjoy what's in season at the farmers market as opposed to feeling like everything has to be perfect all the time.  Sometimes I would find myself overwhelmed and thinking "what the hell is going on?" and would refer back to my year reading and it would give me perspective and clarity.  It's also helped me tune into my own intuition and ability to heal myself and self-soothe.  "