Ren Zatopek

Sometimes you find someone’s work and just spiral into a fangirldom so deep you’re afraid you’ll never escape! That’s how I felt when I discovered Ren in an online marketing group. I was thrilled to see another business-minded witch, and dove right into her free eight week Spiritwork course. Ren’s work has felt like a real homecoming for me; I’ve long pushed aside more traditional witchcraft due to being ostracized as a child, and Ren’s dogma-free approach to skills like trance and ritual has been so freeing for me both personally and professionally.

Ren is a Spiritworker. Not sure what that means? Well, give the episode a listen! For Ren, Spiritwork is a natural extension of an animist world view, and when her witchy skills started to seep into her massage practice, a new business was born. Ren shares about discovering she is a witch, growing into that path, and now creating online apprenticeships to help others learn the tools of Spiritwork. Ren also offers some tips on how to work with one of the most difficult spirits of all: money.

There is plenty of witchy cackling, talk of goats and Pokemon, and much, much more. This episode is a touch NSFW so be an adult and listen at your own risk. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a review on iTunes so more folks can learn about Ren’s magic.


Connect with Ren:

Don’t miss Ren’s FREE eight week Intro to Spiritwork course. This has changed my life and my practice.

Ren has worked with The Green Man in Los Angeles for many years.

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