Running an Online Tarot Business in 2022 with Liz Worth

Vibes alone won’t create a successful business.

Many online tarot readers, astrologers, and coaches saw a massive revenue increase in 2020 but steady declines since. Even more started new businesses during the boom as the pandemic pushed people online, but are now confused as to why their offers aren’t selling.

Liz Worth is a tarot reader and author who supports professional readers in developing their skills through her online tarot school. Liz joins holistic business coach Sarah M. Chappell on the podcast this week to share how as economic and consumer trends shift, tarot readers and other online service providers must take a close look at their numbers, their online presence, and the “business” side of their business if they want to get clients.

Spirituality and wellness business owners often shy away from marketing and selling. Whether this is due to a fear of being salesy, or a belief that the universe will bring you the people you are meant to work with, your future customers may not even know you exist. And what worked when a large portion of the population was home during shutdown and glued to their phones is not going to work now.

This episode is a state of the union for online spiritual service providers. Tune in to learn what’s working, what’s changed, and what it really takes to run an online business so you can dust off your online presence and get those sales.


1:30—Who is Liz Worth
3:30—Managing a business and a life in 2022
20:00—What it really takes to run a full time tarot business
32:00—Investing in and marketing your business


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