Sandy Sitron

Sandy Sitron is a Brooklyn-based artist, astrologer, and hypnotist who uses the guidance of the starts to help clients truly know themselves and use that clarity to create lasting change.

In this episode, Sandy offers a crash course in astrology, and shares how her longtime passion became her career. Working through unhealthy relationship patterns led Sandy to seek coaching, and that transformation enabled her to step into her work. Sandy also opens up about finding her voice as an astrologer, and the critical role of Saturn in pushing her forward.

Sandy dives deeply into Saturn because she has an upcoming course in April 2018 all about navigating your Saturn Return. Sandy built this course with Dana Balicki, the coach who changed her life. I’m thrilled to be an affiliate, and if you sign-up through my link you will be able to have an amazing experience with Sandy and support my ability to make free resources like this podcast!

If you’re 22, 29, 37, 44, 51, 58, or 65~ish, Saturn is moving through your chart in meaningful ways. My Saturn Return was a fucking mess, and I wish I’d had Sandy’s guidance to help me harness the energy of Saturn, rather than running away from it.

To learn more about the class – and tons of great tools for working with Saturn – at Sandy’s free webinar on April 2nd, 5th, 8th, or 11th. You can sign-up for the FREE webinar here.

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Connect with Sandy:

Sandy mentioned her coach – and now partner in the Saturn Return Workshop – Dana Balicki.

Sandy also mentioned yoga instructor Ashley Newsome with whom she runs a retreat every year. You can learn more about the Cosmic Mind/Cosmic Body retreat in Costa Rica here.

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