Sarah Magdalena Love

I have deep admiration for folks who are able to to meld the magic and the mundane in their work. Despite years of marketing, I still hold that somewhat separate in my mind from my healing and intuitive business, like somehow they cannot coexist in my mind at the same time.

Sarah Magdalena Love works in a place where that limit does not exist (YES THAT’S A MEAN GIRLS REFERENCE). Sure, they have two websites, one for web design work and one for witchy things. But at its core, their business is a united front. Sarah creates intentional websites and digital strategies for small, ethical business that are heartfelt and authentic. Their work centers sustainability and creates a bridge between big dreams and practical design solutions. Sarah is also a queer artist and writer, a lover of plants, a tarot reader and a magic maker.

In this episode, we cover everything from online branding and website tools to climbing sacred mountains in the dark with dogs. Sarah shares about hustling at a day job to grow their online business, how the law of attraction is a little bit bullshit in our structurally oppressive society, and pushing aside the binary baggage of traditional decks to develop a relationship to the tarot.

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Connect with Sarah:
Witch website
Web design site

Sarah mentioned some tools they use in their business such as:

  • Canva: check out Sarah’s Canva branding course here. I use Canva for most of my graphics; it’s quite a bit more approachable than Photoshop.
  • Teachable: Sarah just launched a course on making courses here
  • ConvertKit: I use AND LOVE. This is an affiliate link; if you signup through it I receive a small commission which supports the podcast and you get an awesome tool to grow your mailing list. I’m seriously such a fan and happy to chat about ConvertKit if you’re interested in using it.

Sarah’s a fan of Rosemary Gladstar’s herbal work; check out her great introductory herbal medicine book here. They also shared a wish jar practice from Lisa Nagel, and have found the Little Red Tarot blog empowering.

Sarah reads tarot with The Wild Unknown and The Fountain Tarot decks, and loves the Vessel Oracle deck.

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