Sarah’s Soliloquy

Today’s episode is brought to you by me fucking up. That’s right: I’m a fuckup. I failed. I fail every day, in business and in life. And that’s just fine! My scheduling error gave me the opportunity to speak directly to you, to share my thoughts, and to directly ask you to join the conversation.

In this episode, I discuss mental health, cultural appropriation and white supremacy, spiritual dogma, alcoholism, and pricing services that are seen as gifts from spirit. I look at my success programming and privilege, and how that gets in the way of my work. I talk about my family, and our ancestral history as slave owners and segregationists in North Carolina. I speak frankly about how hard it is to be my own boss, how I routinely fuck up, and how applying my own extensive marketing experience to my own business is challenging. I share how my business tanked in June, resulting in a mental health crisis that led me to shutdown for the summer.

It’s a lot. It’s a little rambly. It is probably offensive. I encourage you to listen, and then to reach out. Let me know what you think. Question me. Share your stories and experiences. Let’s build a body of knowledge that can help us all to find the path.

(The sound quality isn’t amazing, and I apologize for that. Turns out it’s a lot harder to get clean audio living in a city! My mountain home was a touch more quiet. I’m working to make it better for the next episodes.)


I mention three previous podcast episodes. Check out Anna Toonk for a discussion of pricing, and Ren Zatopek and Asia Suler for creating direct relationships with spirit rather than appropriating cultures and traditions. Ren also talks about money in a way that is deeply illuminating.

This blog post by Layla Saad does a much better job of talking about white supremacy, service, and spiritual business than I did. I recommend you read it.

Janet Kent of Medicine County Herbs is amazing and developed the herbal protocol I’m on for depression and anxiety.

My blog rant about the necessity of alcohol-free herbalism can be found here.

A quick primer on Antifa.

I’m really excited by new and diverse voices in tarot deck creation. Check out the Dusk II Onyx and Slow Holler decks.

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