Simple Tarot Spread for the Full Moon in Scorpio

I’m not big into astrology. I believe it, and enjoy using it, but have been way too damn lazy to learn enough about it to make it a useful part of my personal practice. But the heavens above most certainly affect me, particularly the Moon and her cycles. We don’t need to know a lot about astrology to work with the moon, especially if we have tools like tarot to steer us in the right direction.

This week we have a Full Moon in Scorpio… what could possibly go wrong!? Nothing, as long as we’re willing to dive into the passions and creativity that Scorpio evokes, and keep our heads out of anything requiring too much diplomacy! The Full Moon is already a time of excess where emotions and actions reach their zenith, and we’re naturally ready to release and fall softly into the waning of the moon’s light. 

This Full Moon is like being turned up to 11 – twice! So when we turn to the cards to clear out the crazy, let’s focus on simple questions. There is a tendency to dig deep when we are overwhelmed. We want to know it all, and will keep pulling cards until we run through the deck searching for meaning. 

That doesn’t work.

Times of heightened emotion and sensitivity require a delicate touch, which leads me to simple three card tarot spreads. Resist the urge to pull clarifying cards! When reading for ourselves that rabbit hole is too tempting, especially when coupled with the heightened energies of the full moon.

I’ve created this simple tarot spread to help bring some clarity to your Full Moon experience. You can certainly incorporate this into a ritual, but there is nothing precious about this offering. Pull three cards, see what they have to say, and take a little time to write about how they make you feel. It can be extremely useful to have a moon by moon comparison to see how the energy affects you and how you tend to work with it. I have found that the Full Moon drains me, and it is comforting to see the pattern rather than feel like I’m tiptoeing into madness, never to emerge again.

That’s it! Three cards, three questions, one simple way to reframe your experience and bring mindfulness to your Full Moon.

How do you like to tune into the full moon? Do you find that it makes you a touch on the crazy side? Share your experience with me on Instagram.

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