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Sales Page SkillSprint

Create a high-converting sales page in just two weeks

SkillSprint Dates:
October 23-November 3, 2023
Registration Closes Friday, October 20, 2023

You love your customers.
You just want more of them!

You need a killer sales page, my friend.

"With Sarah's guidance, I was able to add more than 800 new emails to my mailing list and had my first ever 20k launch for a pilot membership. "
Paddy Johnson


SkillSprint: Sales Pages

A great sales page is one of the most powerful tools your online business can have. It leverages your knowledge and experience to create a fully scalable conversation with your ideal clients, helping them to discern whether or not your offer is the right thing for them at a given moment. 

Sales pages do the heavy lifting of conversion, but only when they accurately reflect your customer’s needs, show them what’s possible, and build trust by pre-empting their questions so well that they think you’re inside their head.

But a great sales page is not an easy creation. They are complex, and often bogged down by industry jargon and personal stories that leave your potential customer out cold.

Also, so many sales pages just look like shit.

There is a system to a high-converting sales page. One that can be adapted to your unique voice, molded to your brand, and designed to serve your potential customers rather than manipulating them or turning them off.

And once you master the system, you’ll be able to use it time and again, even in different niches and product types entirely.

Are you ready to learn this valuable skill so you can create high-converting sales pages that speak directly to your ideal customers and give them all of the support they need to invest in your work?

In your Sales Page SkillSprint you will:

How It Works

Think Tank SkillSprints are live, cohort-based sprints designed to help you take massive action to develop critical business skills. Your SkillSprint will give you the step-by-step education, accountability, and feedback required to learn and implement fast.


Short, asynchronous lessons will teach you the foundations of effective sales pages. You'll quickly learn what you need, and be able to apply the information over and over again in your business. You'll also receive workbooks and other resources that are yours to keep and use for future sales pages.


Do the thing. The short timeframe is designed to push you to take action now, so you can implement what you learn and benefit from being in a community of others doing the same. If you follow the sprint program, you will complete a solid draft of a conversion-driven sales page in two weeks.

👋🏻 Hi, I'm Sarah

I’ve worked online for seven years, have served well over 1,000 clients in my courses and memberships, and impacted tens of thousands more as a content creator…

And I know that it’s harder than ever to get in front of your ideal clients online.

Ads are no longer cheap and easily effective, algorithms are more complicated and prevent connection, and the fragmentation of social media means your clients could be anywhere (or, increasingly, not online at all).

That’s why it’s critical to have a high-converting sales page, so every dream customer who comes across your work has the best possible experience as they decide to purchase your product, program, or service.

In my work I’ve helped create hundreds of sales pages across industries and niches. I’ve synthesized what works—and what doesn’t—and have a particular passion for the moment that the page “clicks.”

Until now, I’ve only shared my sales page system with private clients and small-group programs. Your SkillSprint will give you access to my years of research and experience, all while helping you create the sales page that your customers need in order to make a powerful decision about your product.

As Featured In

The Washington Post
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"I launched my membership out of beta with an astounding 19% conversion rate. Now, I am making around 600% more revenue with my membership."
Rochelle Sugawa

Your Two Week
SkillSprint Includes:

Core Training

In concise video lessons, Sarah will show you the key elements of high converting sales pages, and guide you to craft the compelling copy and effective design that helps ideal customers buy. You can watch these videos on your phone or computer, as well as read the transcripts. The videos themselves are captioned and you can search within them to easily find the key information you need.

Workshop & Office Hours

SkillSprints leverage the power of accountability to get shit done. Your SkillSprint includes focused peer workshopping facilitated by Sarah and office hours so you can get feedback, collaborate with your colleagues, and ask Sarah questions during the sprint. You’ll also have the opportunity to present your sales page on our final call so you can show off and celebrate.


Your Sales Page Sprint includes actionable resources like workbooks, templates, and checklists to help you build your sales page during the sprint and support those you’ll build in the future. These resources are yours to keep even after the sprint ends.

...All in a private online community

...All in a private online community

Your Think Tank SkillSprint takes place in a private Circle community. You’ll be able to access your training materials, ask questions, and get feedback all on your own time.

The Think Tank community is fully integrated with your training material and events on a private platform accessible on your smartphone or browser, so you can have a distraction-free way to learn and connect as you build your sales page.

"I had my first ever $10,000 launch. I find Sarah's way of breaking down a complex operation into a repeatable framework to be genius, and easy to follow and repeat."
Hannah Cole
founder, sunlight tax
"I just completed my 3rd product launch. The course sold out with 12 days to spare. My earnings are projected to increase by 65%."
Chauna Bryant
founder, breath liberation society

Need More Support? Upgrade.

Do you struggle with writing compelling sales copy? Do you have a hard time taking action, even when you really want to?

The Personal Feedback Upgrade is available for five SkillSprint clients. This additional support will give you the same personalized, actionable feedback that my private consulting clients receive for only a fraction of the price.

Your Personal Feedback Upgrade includes one private 30-minute Messaging Alignment Call and two rounds of recorded video feedback from me to help you hone your messaging and design your sales page so it’s as likely as possible to convert highly for your ideal customers. Videos average 30 minutes, and I spend hours researching your field, considering your customers, and brainstorming creative solutions for your sales page.

Your feedback videos can be requested up to four weeks from the start date of the sprint, and you’ll be able to keep them so you can refer to them when building other sales pages in the future.


SkillSprint: Sales Pages

Create your high-converting sales page in just two weeks

SkillSprint Is Postponed


SkillSprint: Sales Pages

most popular
$ 500
  • Core Training Content
  • Office Hours with Sarah
  • Live Workshopping
  • Private Community
  • Resource Library
  • Personal Feedback from Sarah

Personal Feedback Upgrade

Only 5 available
$ 2000
  • Core Training Content
  • Office Hours with Sarah
  • Live Workshopping
  • Private Community
  • Resource Library
  • Personal Feedback from Sarah


No. If you have never sold something online, this is not the right SkillSprint for you. While we will be covering the foundations of sales pages, a working knowledge of online business and clarity about your product and customers are critical for you to be successful. You also need to be comfortable with your website or landing page software.

Yes! The sales page process often creates the clarity you need to build a successful new product. As long as you know the basics of what it is and who it’s for, you’ll be able to benefit from this sprint. You may not have a polished sales page at the end of two weeks, but you can have a solid draft that you’ll be ready to improve on as you finalize your product design.

The Sales Page SkillSprint is specifically designed for digital businesses. If you’re selling education, content, coaching, digital products, software, or services online then you’re a good fit. While many of the same principles apply to physical products, they will not be the focus of this SkillSprint.

SkillSprints are not technical support programs. You will need to already have a website builder that you can use, or the patience to work with your website company’s support documents and team to figure out how to use it. While we may be able to help you figure out what to ask or search when you’re stuck, due to the vast array of website builders that our clients use, we cannot offer any technical support in this program.

Maybe! SkillSprints are cohort-based programs designed to get you to take action; there is no way for you to get the result without participating. 

Do you need to be the chattiest person in the digital room? Not at all. But you are unlikely to get the feedback and support you need if you don’t engage with your colleagues in the program.

Probably. The focus of SkillSprints is not to consume information but to do. And through doing, you will learn something new. Even if you’ve participated in previous programs, the Sales Page SkillSprint is a great opportunity to leverage the accountability and action-taking that will help you further develop your sales communication skills so you can increase your conversion rates and help even more people with your work.

Workshops: 10/24 at 4pm ET, 10/26 at 4pm ET, 1/1 at 11am.
Workshops are your opportunity to work through challenges and fine-tune your sales page with your peers. Each workshop is facilitated by Sarah and will have a specific focus, and you’ll be given guidance on what to bring to get the most out of it.

Office Hours: 10/25 at 11am ET, 10/27 at 11am ET, 10/30 at 4pm ET, 1/2 at 4pm ET.
Office Hours are your time to get feedback from Sarah, work through messaging challenges with her, and make the subtle tweaks that leader to higher conversion rates. If you can’t come live, you’ll still be able to get feedback from Sarah asynchronously in the community.

We will also have a closing call on Friday, November 3rd at 11am to share your work!

The call schedule is subject to change before the beginning of the program. 

We are purposefully packing a lot of live calls into the two weeks of the sprint, and you are not expected to attend them all. The goal is to make it easy for you to get help when you need it and to encourage you to take massive action during the sprint. Office Hours calls will be recorded, but workshops will not since those are focused on small group conversation.

To get the most out of the sprint, plan to spend 10-15 hours per week crafting your page, getting support, and developing your skills. It’s a lot of time, I know, but only for two weeks. Then you can go back to your business (and your life!) with a new sales page and a strong foundation for future products.

If you find writing or webpage creation particularly challenging, it may require more time for you. That’s ok! Even if you don’t complete a polished sales page during the sprint, you’ll have the knowledge and resources to support you moving forward.

The Personal Feedback Upgrade is designed for you if you know that you benefit from extra accountability or want a thorough review of your sales page work.

The Upgrade has three parts:

First, we’ll meet for 30 minutes to review your product, audience, and core messaging. You’ll teach me about your work, which will give me the background I need to properly review your sales page.

Second, you’ll send me a completed draft of your sales page for me to review. I’ll record a video talking through the page, pointing out key problems, and offering actionable steps to make it shine.

Third, you’ll revise your sales page with my feedback, and I will repeat the video process. You’ll be able to implement that second round of feedback and have a well-formed sales page!

When you purchases the upgrade, you’ll receive instructions to book your Messaging Alignment Call and to submit your sales page for review. We’ll meet for our 30-minute Messaging Alignment Call during the SkillSprint or immediately after. You’ll have four weeks from the start of the sprint to submit your sales page for both rounds of reviews. Your Personal Feedback Upgrade must be concluded by November 19, 2023.

You will have access to the core training material, event recordings, and community for two weeks after the sprint closes. You are encouraged to save personal copies of the resources like workbooks, checklists, and templates for future use.

Due to the digital content and live nature of this program, refunds are not available once the program has begun on October 23rd. Please ask any questions you have before purchasing by using the chat widget on the lower-righthand side of this webpage.

Build Your Skills

The best investment you can make in your business is to develop the skills you need to be a successful founder. Whether you keep creating your own sales pages, or hire an expert to support you, you must understand the foundations of effective sales copy and sales pages so you can properly assess your work and the work of any team members. 

Sales pages are critical online business infrastructure. If you don’t know how they work, you will not be able to ensure that your company has sales system in place that will weather the swiftly changing online business landscape.

Take two weeks now to dive in and learn this skill. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

"I received over three times as many applications as I had open spots, and my waitlist is already four times larger than I will likely have space for when I reopen this offering."
Diana Harper
founder, ddamascena astrology

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