"Simply put, I love Sarah. In the tarot readings I've gotten from her, I've been amazed by Sarah's ability to intuit deep, emotional and behavioral patterns that have kept me stuck and to help me unstick them. In these readings, I've felt like I've gained a new level of responsibility for my own behavior and can understand myself and my actions more clearly. Thus I have choices. The most recent reading I had from Sarah was complete medicine to my heart and soul. She helped get at the root of what was driving considerable anxiety in my life and gave me concrete tools to dig myself out of my hole. What was amazing about this was that the tools were all loving, joyful, and freeing--pleasant, nurturing, promoting ease. Being seen by Sarah for exactly what was going on with me (she really nailed down facet after facet of my situation) was a miraculous healing in and of itself. It's what helped me let go of levels of anxiety and stuck-ness. Sarah's compassionate and good-humored approach has made me feel really held to receive this information. Her emotional intelligence is unparalleled and rare. Not the least, Sarah is funny, down to earth, and a true joy to be around. If you're in need of compassionate clarity to help you understand "what's going on" and how to work through it so you can live from a perspective of self-love, Sarah is an expert." - Elyssa Jakim

"I have had the honor of working with Sarah using many of the different modalities she is versed in. The Tarot Reading Sarah did with me was vital to me in a time of uncertainty and change in my life. She shares her intuitive guidance in a loving, supportive and energizing way. After a reading with Sarah I feel like I’ve been shown pieces of myself that I was unaware of and am encouraged to meet them with love and wholehearted acceptance. She gives practical tools to walk through any difficulties I am having in the moment and also in the greater patterns of my life. I especially appreciate that Sarah combines what is revealed from a reading with the herbal medicine and flower essences that work for me. I love having Sarah as a guide, a support and as a no nonsense, funny and empathetic presence in my life. Working with Sarah over the long term has helped me through blocks, depressions, fears and failures as well as helped open up my heart to joy and the privilege of caring for myself with love and kindness." - Lacey Romano

"Sarah has done three tarot readings for me -  all acutely insightful, accurate, and wise.  She is the real deal, a gifted reader, sensitive and empath - intelligent, articulate, perceptive. My sessions with her were invaluable in navigating some tricky life decisions, and I am profoundly grateful for the help she has given me. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. " - Devery Doleman

"I recently had a remote reading with Sarah. When I opened up my email, it felt like I was unwrapping a present. I was pleased to read a succinct paragraph and of course, to see an image of my cards (which in this case were the Motherpeace deck), but I was mostly affected by Sarah's personal and thorough voice recording. I barely knew what I wanted to ask Sarah; I threw four topics at her and then apologized and added a bunch of caveats to my request. Rather than being frustrated with me, she was able to use my scattered queries to cull her own questions. I listened to my reading seven or eight times, soothed by her voice and willing to give myself time and space away from it, so that I could let it sink in. Sarah speaks from the heart, and off-the-cuff. She calls in her guides and yours, and she isn't afraid to make adamant statements about what she reads. She reads energies, past, present and future, without telling your fortune. Extremely careful and generous, while also telling it like it is, Sarah is earnest and thoughtful with her cards and words. I highly recommend her readings." - Xenia Marie Ross Viray, Myths of Creation 

"A reading with Sarah calmed my anxious mind with reassurance about my current state, and also gave me such wonderful insight into ways to heal and grow. I felt the burden of day to day anxiety lift, and instead found pathways to focus on in order to improve myself and my life. Her dog is also adorable!!" - Abby Zagariello