The Experience of Time in Crisis

Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere, and the shortening days are foregrounding the experience of time. The shift this year is intensified by the relationship to time, information, and engagement online as the world reckons with the horrific Hamas attack on Israel and the resulting violent and indiscriminate retaliation on the people of Palestine.

Time is speeding up even as the days come to a swifter close. There is a tension between the known, the unknown, the need to know now, the impossible to know until later.

For business owners and other online denizens, time is a challenging needle to thread. We have our own material needs. We have our need to feel, to grieve. We have our outrage. We have our fear of disappointing those who support us, and our fear of the consequences if we get it wrong.

We also have the time of our business, the natural shifts in our attention, interest, revenue. Time’s elasticity underpins the experience of entrepreneurship, expectation and reality rarely converging.

This week I’m talking about time. Tune in.

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