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"...A must for anyone interested in growing a business who doesn't want to do things the prescribed, patriarchal capitalist way."
Lauren Haynes
FOUNDER, wooden spoon herbs


Think Tank

Think Tank is a curated community of founders, creators, entrepreneurs, and curious minds crafting the future of knowledge-work entrepreneurship. It’s a mastermind, a learning cohort, and a (well) think tank: a place where we question, grow, and build together.

Through workshops, experiments, lectures, discussions, and more you will not only grow your business, but also situate it within the context of our swiftly changing world, ensuring that you lead with your values as you serve your customers and build your legacy.

If you want to know what’s working now and create the future of online knowledge-driven business, Think Tank is for you.

How It Works

Think Tank is a mastermind community where you can invest in the relationships, skills, and curiosity that will help you build your business and your legacy.

The community is designed to be both practical and philosophical. You’ll develop tangible strategies alongside asking big questions about the role of work; the responsibility of your business; and the future of the online, software-facilitated world.

As you already know, growing a business is not one-and-done, especially when you’re trying to get somewhere off the known map (here be monsters!). It’s a process that requires experimentation, feedback, a place to land when it all goes wrong, and a place to celebrate when it all goes right. That’s why Think Tank is an ongoing membership: we’re not going to abandon you at some arbitrary date and hope for the best.

When you join Think Tank, you’ll enter an ecosystem designed to support your development in four primary areas:


Build effective courses, programs, and products rooted in what you know to help your customers activate their potential


Intentionally grow your audience and your revenue with human-driven sales and marketing strategies


Situate your business in the sociohistorical, structural, and breaking news contexts that impact your outcomes today and tomorrow


Actively create the industry (and world!) you want to work in by honoring your values and consciously challenging the status quo

👋🏻 Hi, I'm Sarah

I’ve worked online for seven years, have served well over 1,000 clients in my courses and memberships, and impacted tens of thousands more as a content creator…

And the old way of doing things isn’t working.

I started the Think Piece newsletter so I could try to divine the next steps for online, knowledge driven business in the face of rising ad costs, gutted social media, and a looming SEO crisis, all of which are threatening the future of our businesses.

Think Piece seeks to deconstruct business in pursuit of a model that is more sustainable both individually and collectively than our current winner-takes-all extractive paradigm that is overly reliant on our corporate overlords while leading us to self-extraction and alienation.

I’m particularly curious to develop what—if any—role businesses can play as we attempt to have a good, engaging, and generous life in the face of collapse. I believe we need both theory and praxis, and seek to merge higher level philosophy with actual, you know, doing things.

Currently, I’m researching how labor alienation impacts knowledge work entrepreneurs, and am interested in degrowth, the negative implications of longtermism, productivity culture, how historical religion influences modern business, and the future of online education

Thousands of subscribers benefit from Think Piece each week, and I want to put more time, energy, and cognition into creating the most curious, valuable, and actionable work for you that I can.

That’s why I’ve launched Think Piece Plus. Your support will help me write more while giving us a way to collaborate and connect in community.

I don’t have all the answers to the future of online business, but we can create that future together.

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"I launched my membership out of beta with an astounding 19% conversion rate. Now, I am making around 600% more revenue with my membership than I was with when I ran my membership through Patreon (and I'm *not* creating weekly content anymore)."
Rochelle Sugawa

What's You Get With



Weekly Think Pieces

Your subscription directly supports Sarah’s ability to keep producing Think Piece for the public. With your help, she’ll be able to write more deeply researched essays and share more tactical responses to these challenging times.


Access our private, members-only community with Think Piece Plus supporter channels to discuss essays, share resources, and connect with Sarah and other readers.

Book Club

Book club will support you in reading critical texts that explore the past, present, and future of business. You can expect books like Palo Alto by Malcolm Harris, Consumed by Aja Barber, and Small Is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher in a collaborative community that encourages questioning and curiosity over dogma and rules.

Members-Only Q&A

As a Think Piece Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to ask Sarah questions for members-only editions of Think Piece. This is your coaching and advice column to get Sarah’s perspective on a practical or existential business situation.

"I get 100 ideas a day, but have had the painful experience of launching a product to crickets, which feels like such a disappointing waste of work. I launched a down-and-dirty bookkeeping spreadsheet system for artists to do their books more simply and intuitively, and it was a massive hit. But even better, I felt amazing because I did it in a way that felt connected to the people I serve and met them right where the need was. It was awesome. I find Sarah's way of breaking down a complex operation into a repeatable framework to be genius, and easy to follow and repeat."
Hannah Cole
founder, sunlight tax
"I just completed my 3rd product launch. The course sold out with 12 days to spare. My earnings are projected to increase by 65% but I am most proud of the following:

1. I built a program that is sustainable, scalable, and heartfelt.
2. I was able to pay 23 Breathwork facilitators, energy workers, experts, craft makers and workbook creators for their time skills and materials.
3. I took some power back, and I am helping to make a community that I love a better place."
Chauna Bryant
founder, breath liberation society


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As long as your subscription is in good standing! Think Tank is like Netflix: you are able to access all of the tools and resources while your membership is active. If you choose to cancel, you will lose access to the Think Piece Plus resources on the last day of your completed payment period, but will still be able to enjoy the public Think Piece posts.

Of course! You are free to leave Think Piece Plus at any time.

There are no refunds for payments already submitted, so be sure to reach out before your renewal so we can process your cancellation request. You can email us at [email protected] with any questions or cancellation needs.

"I learned SO MUCH about what it means to actually serve the folks who are attracted to the way I do the work I do, including navigating my own self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and self-sabotaging behaviors. I received over three times as many applications as I had open spots, and my waitlist is already four times larger than I will likely have space for when I reopen this offering."
Diana Harper
founder, ddamascena astrology

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