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You're a founder, creator, or subject-matter expert building a knowledge-based business...and you're ready for more.

Your vision is unique, and you deserve customized support as you develop new products, launch new offers, and refine your innovation process. You’re making things that have never existed before; a one-size-fits-all program will never satisfy you! This is why I only work with people I know I can help, whose businesses I find fascinating, and who are ready collaborate, not consume.

You need an expert who understands the nuance of knowledge-based businesses, the ever-changing online marketplace, and the unique challenges that stem from scaling what’s in your mind. I’m that expert.

I’ve supported over 1,000 founders and companies with my digital products and services. I’ve personally run or consulted on over 80 online course, membership, and product launches in the past five years. I’ve also worked in sales, marketing and communications for almost 20 years. This has honed my strategic intuition, exposed me to more problems and solutions than you can even imagine (well, I know you can imagine quite a bit…), and adds up to a fuckton of experience. 

And more critical than the credentials, when we work together, my brain is at your disposal. You’re not only accessing my experience, but renting my cognition. I will immerse myself in your business, become adept in your field, and do it seamlessly and quickly so we can focus fully on your goals.

I don’t do surface level: I only know how to go deep. If you’re like most of my clients, you feel the same way. This is why I can get tangible results for visionary founders and creators scaling knowledge-based businesses, and together we can craft your future.


High-level, holistic product and sales strategy.
Average project starts at $10,000+. 


Intimate, transformative support for intense visionaries. Average coaching process starts at $2,000+/month, minimum three month commitment.

"Working with Sarah was a dream. I looked forward to each round of brainstorming, and feel like Sarah could really see what was in my mind and heart and tease that out. Her knack for phrasing is uncanny."
Lauren Haynes
Founder, Wooden Spoon Herbs
"I focused my ideas into one offer—a membership program. With Sarah's guidance, I was able to add more than 800 new emails to my mailing list and had my first ever $20k launch for a pilot membership."
Paddy Johnson
Founder, vvrkshop

Transform Your Products

You know what you know can help people, but sometimes your courses, memberships, software, and other knowledge products fall flat. Others, while promising, overwhelm you, leaving you burnt out. By integrating effective user experience, radical pedagogy, automated systems, and a healthy focus on distribution potential, your knowledge-driven products will transform the lives of your customers—and your own.

Grow Your Launches

Your core customers love what you make—you wouldn’t be on this website if you didn’t have a successful business already. But you’re ready to scale, and want to impact more people without working even harder. Powerful communications strategy, high sales conversion rates, and potent systems will grow your launches so can you focus on your big vision.

Craft Your Legacy

You have an innovative vision: you just need help remembering what you already know so you can bring that vision into reality. By supporting your intensity, honoring your giftedness, and shifting your patterns, you will unlock the confidence and agency you need to craft your legacy.

"In a single coaching session with Sarah, I was able to gain some much-needed clarity on the next steps in my business. Before our session, I was juggling several offers that I felt pulled to for different reasons -- but the number of different things I was doing was overwhelming and burning me out. Through her careful listening, thoughtful questions, and deep experience, Sarah supported me in making some decisions that are truly aligned with my greater purpose for my business and my personal goals, too. I now feel confident in the next steps to both simplify and grow my business to support the life I am creating for myself and my family as a creative entrepreneur."
Catherine LaSota
writer, community builder, and creativity coach

We Won't Be A Good Fit If...

You don’t know what you do. My clients are already experts with established businesses, even if they’re still figuring out how that expertise will have a massive impact on this world.

You think that you have no agency in your life, or that you control all that you survey. Transformation requires a delicate dance between fate and free will; our work will activate both.

You aren’t ready to take action. I cannot build your business for you. But if you’re getting stuck because you lack the knowledge, skills, or sounding board to create the results you’re seeking, I can help.

Also, I curse. If that’s a problem, you are not going to like me.

"I learned SO MUCH about what it means to actually serve the folks who are attracted to the way I do the work I do, including navigating my own self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and self-sabotaging behaviors. I received over three times as many applications as I had open spots, and my waitlist is already four times larger than I will likely have space for when I reopen this offering."
Diana Harper
writer & Astrologer
"I came to Sarah after spending 15 months in an intense accelerator experience. I had a lot of tools and know-how, had launched programs, had a successful coaching business, AND I needed some support in doing it MY way. Sarah helped me integrate all the lessons from others and filter out the noise so I could truly hear myself. I just had a recent launch: it was full of ease and fully guided by my intuition and my most successful ever."
Dana Balicki

Frequently Asked Questions

All potential clients move through a deliberate and thorough discovery process to ensure that we are the right fit to work together. Generally, I will start by asking you some questions via email, and then book a call to learn more about your challenges and what kind of help you’re seeking. After that, if it feels like a good fit, I will have more questions for you, and likely an additional call to clarify any fine details. Only then will I craft a custom proposal that is designed to get you the best possible outcome in your specific situation.

Consultants tell you what to do, coaches help you figure out what you want to do. While all of my engagements are collaborations, consulting is generally more tactical and leverages my experience to develop specific strategies and plans. Coaching is a process of discovery where, with my support, you uncover what you want and how you want to create it.

A wide variety, and I’m always open to something new.

Product development consulting often focuses on developing new products, especially online education products or platforms and software that support knowledge workers. I’m also called in when existing products are floundering and have not been designed with scalability in mind. I’m particularly passionate about pedagogy, and ensuring that courses, memberships, and even SaaS customer onboarding is effective and user-driven.

Communication strategy consulting usually focuses on increasing sales conversions or successfully launching online programs and products. I have worked on over 70 product launches, am a sales funnel pro, and love nothing more than the moment when messaging clicks and conversion rates skyrocket. I also support founders who are trying to scale their sales efforts, and develop strategies to remove them as the bottleneck so they can get back to the tasks that only they can do in the business without losing money.

My company has extremely limited availability for all-inclusive launch packages each year for select clients, which start at $30,000+. Generally I will collaborate with you and your team so you can take action on the launch plan, or help you bring in freelancers to implement the strategies we develop.

If you’re like many founders I support, you may find that your brain seems to work a little differently than other folks you know. You move fast, making huge leaps across disciplines and concepts to create new connections. And when you share these big ideas, others look at you like they’re confused, or like you’re a bit crazy. Maybe that look started in school, when your teacher doubted that you had actually read that book, or yelled at you for getting bored and having a hard time focusing in class.

Giftedness is a framework for understanding the neurological and cognitive complexity that some people experience in their intellect, emotions, sensuality, creativity, and physical abilities. This is not about who was in gifted and talented program (which you may have been, and which have a plethora of issues in their implementations). It’s about people who feel like their intensity is exploding out of their skin, driving them to explore, learn, make. Who are filled with possibility but deflate as soon as someone can’t follow their train of thought and tells them their idea doesn’t make any sense. Who feel like others can’t keep up, and doubt themselves as leaders and teachers, wondering if there is something wrong with them. Who are afraid of growing their businesses because they learned that they were smart enough to get away with doing less, and now don’t have the skill of trying. Who feel like people just don’t get it.

I get it.

You can learn more about the framework of giftedness that I apply in this essay by one of my teachers, Jennifer Harvey Sallin.

If this doesn’t apply to you or isn’t of interest, no worries. There is plenty that we can work on together.

Nope. My ethical scope of work is very limited as a coach and consultant. If you’re in crisis or need to address and integrate past experiences before you can move forward in you business, I will refer you to a professional with the appropriate skills.

Want to learn more about how I can help? Fill out the form below to share about you, your company, the challenge you’re trying to solve, and the outcome you desire. If I believe we may be a good fit to work together, I’ll reach out within a few business days.
"The bulk of my income came from my 8-week classes which I offer three times a year, but for the rest of the time, I scrambled to fill in the gaps of my income with one-on-one clients and workshops. I launched my membership out of beta with an astounding 19% conversion rate. Now, I am making around 600% more revenue with my membership than I was with when I ran my membership through Patreon (and I'm *not* creating weekly content anymore)."
Rochelle Sugawa
Founder, Brown Bruha

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