Your Minimal Viable Business

What is the best that your worst self is capable of?

We build our businesses out of our dreams, which often center us being our best selves—and they should! We want to grow and create our best lives and build businesses to support that.

But one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making is failing to take into account who we are when we are at our worst.

I believe in personal agency, but I also know we can’t control our external circumstances! When shit hits the fan, when we get sick, when we get overwhelmed, when our world turns upside down, what are our limits? What are our coping mechanisms? What do we need?

So this week, I want to take the concept of the Minimal Viable Product and extend it into a full business model. I want us to look really hard at what “good enough” means and how we can prepare for it. I want us to be honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with our customers.

We can’t know everything that will happen, but we can know our tendencies and create systems that support them.

Join us this week to face our perfectionism head-on and learn how to do a better job of taking care of ourselves AND our customers, no matter what we’re going through.


0:15– What does “minimally viable” mean?

6:24– Who are you when shit sucks?

11:29– What are your baseline operations?

15:40– Selling through a shitshow.

Episode 126: Choose Your Own Adventure

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Pinterest expert and virtual assistant, Kat Hall

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